Food Testing

Food testing is at the very heart of our expertise as a leading partner to the food industry. Mérieux NutriSciences offers a comprehensive range of microbiology and analytical chemistry tests, including a full spectrum of highly specialized analyses for food contaminants, animal species, allergens and more.

Our food safety and quality analyses are performed by an international network of accredited laboratories, each with a thorough understanding of specific industry requirements.

In addition to the standardized testing services shown below, we also offer a full portfolio of contract research services to guarantee product stability, quality and safety from concept development to retail shelf.

  • Microbiology

    From invasive spoilage organisms to emerging foodborne pathogens, Silliker microbiologists bring years of technical experience to each analysis.

  • Allergens

    Allergen Control Programs Worldwide, food allergens are a prevalent health concern for consumers and leading cause of product recalls.

  • Contaminants

    Employing a wide array of tools and technologies, our laboratories provide expert testing for food contaminants. Standard services include physical ...

  • Food Quality

    Assuring Product Quality,our laboratories supply fast turnaround times and expert data interpretation to help ensure product quality.

  • Food Contact Material

    With the growing complexity of the industrial sector and the necessity to guarantee total safety, it is essential to control each step of the ...

  • GMO

    At the boundary between the agri-food industry and biological engineering, GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms”, represent a major ...

  • Analyses of Allergens

    Food allergies have created a major public health issue and are central to the concerns of consumers, manufacturers, and public authorities.